Chilled C'Quence - Dream Triggers [downtempo]

Даунте́мпо (англ. downtempo — заниженный темп) или даунби́т (downbeat) — стиль в современной электронной музыке. Музыка характеризуется медленным ритмом, чаще всего ломанным. «Ломанность» ритма достигается за счёт смещения сильных долей такта на слабые (синкопирование) или же за счёт одновременного сочетания двух и более независимых ритмов (полиритмия).

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Chilled C'Quence - Dream Triggers [downtempo]

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Chilled C'Quence - Dream Triggers [downtempo]



Track: Dream Triggers

Artist: Chilled C'Quence

Album: Dream Triggers

Year: 2008

Style: Psychedelic Ambient Chillout Downtempo

Chilled C'Quence is the well know duo Pedro Matias and Fernando Rodrigues. After their successful debut album on Amboworld and playing on several parties and festivals worldwide such as Boom festival 2006 and Sonica 2006, Chilled C'Quence brings us this master piece 'Dream Triggers'. Dream Triggers is a reflected vision of our deepest self, an uplifting ambient journey able to transpose us to an inner state. This album combines chilling harmonies with warm and progressive vibes, an ideal choice for playing at the early hours of the morning and for dancefloor opening.

Relax and be ready for triggering!


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