Gothic 3 - Best in-game-music ever #5 reloaded

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Gothic 3 - Best in-game-music ever #5 reloaded

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Gothic 3 - Best in-game-music ever #5 reloaded



The music of Gothic 3 is IMHO the best ever made for a game. While the score in Myrtana with its forrests and grassy plains uses a full-sized symphony orchestra and choires, the atmosphere in Varant, the desert / arabic part of the Gothic world, is in big parts created by a beautiful ethnic music. I haven't been to Northmar, the icy part in the game, yet, only a few steps. But when I , heading north eraly in the game, had the first bit of snow under my feet, that scary Northmar piper-music started playing and I almost pissed my pants :). Too weak for this part of Gothic, I understood and turned south.

In the video you see the city of Faring and its surroundings.

Used fraps ans windows movie maker.


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